Thursday, May 21, 2015

Systems developer Angus Gratton recently made a trip to Shenzhen, China where he purchased a $34 smartphone that boasted 4G connectivity, 8 cores, and Android 4.4 (Kit Kat). After running the Huami H3 through its courses, Gratton discovered that none of the above was true, but for $34, you might be surprised at what you get.

The software on the H3 runs painfully slow. Even scrolling down a list in the settings section causes skips and screen freezes. But, considering that the device is running Android 4.0.3 (not the claimed Kit Kat version) with only 200MB of RAM, it is chugging along reasonably well.

Gratton notes, “I’m amazed Android 4 is even halfway usable with such meagre RAM, given how terrible recent cheap smartphones with 512MB of RAM are!”

After digging around the software, Gratton discovered that quite a few of the original claims were incorrect. Not only was the About page modified with false information showing a faster processor with more cores, but the internal storage stats were falsified (only 1.2GB instead of the supposed 4GB) and the build strings that show Android’s Kit Kat as the operating system were all physically changed from their original build of Ice cream Sandwich.

Gratton also did a teardown of the H3 so we could see what is inside. The most interesting revelation is that none of the parts inside are from used phones. They all appear to be new chips, transceivers, and other bits of technology.

Overall, Gratton writes that, for the price, the H3 is “pretty remarkable.” Although he notes that it won’t be replacing his main phone. The device supports the idea that OEMs can make ridiculously cheap, carrier-free smartphones that work reasonably well, especially if they actually produce what they claim (or at least tell the truth about the tech specs).

While the price may be tempting (the Huami H3 has no carrier contract to lock you in), I’m not sure that one could consider this to be a useful smartphone as a main. It is nicely priced to be a working backup in case something went wrong with your main phone. It could even be hacked and repurposed as something else entirely. However, the headache that comes along with a device that can barely handle the software running it may not be enough to make you send your buddy into the “dodgy cell phone market” of Shenzhen the next time he takes a trip to China.

Are super cheap smartphones really worth it?

Traytyper from KFC. type while you eat

KFC now offering an excellent innovation "TRAYTYPER" which helps you to type your message or chat with your friends and family while you finger licking chicken. Most of the people update their status on Facebook when they having lunch or dinner and using your smartphone at that moment will leave your shiny display covered in oil and sauce's, but thanks to KFC's new Tray pad which let you text, tweet and even get stuff done dinner without having to touch your smartphone display.

The Try Typer measures just 0.4mm thin, has a rechargeable battery built-in, and connects to almost any modern smartphone, tablet or laptop wirelessly. It's also Bluetooth enables so that you can type wireless.

How KFC's TrayTyper Works?

Simply power on the TrayTyper and pair with your smartphone before you start your meal. And you can enjoy your KFC chicken and chatting or updating status on social sites via TrayTyper

KFC Food Tray Now Connects Your Smartphone Keyboard

Where to Find Coupons for Your Favorite Retailers

In today’s society, the economy has placed a tremendous amount of stress on families to spend less and less, while saving more and more. Of course, this is anything, but easy. The truth of the matter is that most individuals will attempt to cut out items that they would normally buy. Thankfully, there are a number of different ways to save money, without cutting back. One way to do this is to use coupons. These are capable of helping consumers save a tremendous amount of money, while also allowing them to purchase their favorite items and brands. Below, you will be able to discover the different locations and ways to discover coupons.

Retail Websites
Before heading to your favorite retail store, you should take the time to explore their website. The majority of these retailers are willing to give their customers coupons and many do this on their websites. Suffice to say, they offer a wide variety of different coupons on their sites. With this in mind, you should browse their websites, find their coupon page and select those that suit your needs. After that, you’ll need to print the coupons and take them with you, when you go shopping. The clerk will be able to scan the discounts, at the register, and you will be able to save money instantly.

Visiting Brand Websites
At the same time, you likely have a handful of brands that you enjoy tremendously. You probably have a specific brand of soda, or milk, that you like to purchase. Sometimes, it is possible to obtain discounts from these companies, by visiting their websites directly. Although this isn’t always true, many of these companies offer discounts to their consumers, as incentives. Be sure to check out their websites, before visiting the store.

Weekly Ads
Weekly ads are not only useful, because they contain sale items, but they also contain coupons and discounts. This will arrive to your home mailbox on a weekly basis so the next time you receive one does not immediately toss it in the trash. Take the time to view every ad, so that you will learn where the most products are on sale for the week. This can truly save you around $40-$50 every time you go to the grocery store or home and garden store.

Sunday newspapers are filled to the brim with innumerable coupons. There you will find a large variety of coupons for different products, which may suit your needs. The next time you stop at the convenient store, be sure to pick up a couple of Sunday papers, so that you can save $25-$30 a week.

Coupons Websites
Of course, it is vital to take the time to check out the websites that are specifically designed for discount coupons. With this in mind, you might want to consider visiting the Kohls Coupons. If you happen to shop with this specific retailer, you will be able to save a tremendous amount of money, by checking out these websites and using their coupons. Either way, it is vital to take the time to explore the options above, until you find a sufficient amount of money saving offers and discounts.

Find coupons for your favorite retailers

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