Monday, June 9, 2014

Why there is a complementary strand?

This one of my ever lasting questions. May be I asked the same to many.. Or I may hear the answer several time. But still now I am not able to get a clarity on it. The question remains the same.. Why there is a complementary strand? Yes of cause I am talking about the DNA.
We are all having double stranded DNA compliment to each other.
Is it really true that only one strand of these DNA get expressed?
Of only. One strand why there is two? OK it is true that it can increase stability. Ya well ,it act as a proof reader to eliminate mismatches during replication. The stability of the structure and function. I really wonder is that the only function of the complimentary strand. What it actually complimenting.
Nearly 70 to 80% genome of guinea pig and human are. Same. Ho! then the so called 30% is responsible for the variation. Is that really means the 70% is some level of basic genetic constitution of all livings. Not may be but its really confusing... More than 30% really.
I need to learn a lot basics.

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