Sunday, December 21, 2014

Google in your car, Android Auto is Here

After months of speculation, Google unveiled its in-car solution known asAndroid Auto.

On Wednesday, the company launched the next phase of its in-car initiative on stage at its annual developers conference, Google I/O. The system is completely voice-enabled.

Some of the early details were revealed in January when Google hinted at its intentions by forming a global alliance called the Open Automotive Alliance (OAA) with major carmakers including Hyundai, Audi, GM, Honda as well as Nvidia.

Image: Google

In short, the system is designed to provide a more distraction-free interface that allows you to select a music playlist, check traffic conditions and get directions, all using a voice interface. System's like Apple's CarPlayalready provide this kind of functionality, so the primary difference here is that the system is Android device-friendly.

During the demo, Google showed off how you can connect your Android device to the car and immediately begin using the system. Most of the demo was spent showing off how the voice system works. Android Auto has all the tools present in the Google Maps Android app, but is voice-enabled. The functions, from music selections to text notifications, also provide the same kind of robot-voice feedback that you'd hear when you use the voice-enabled version of Google's mobile search app.

The company also showed off how you can send messages via voice control using the system. You can also send SMS messages without exiting the maps app, a very practical feature for drivers who like to multitask.

Google announced the Android Auto SDK as well; the company is releasing a full set of APIs for audio and messaging applications. The Android Auto SDK will be published "soon," but no firm date has been announced.

Google also announced that more than 40 new partners have joined the OAA. The first cars with Android Auto are scheduled to hit the road before the end of the year.

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