Friday, February 20, 2015

100GB of free OneDrive storage goes international, sort of

Microsoft has been doing a lot of work in building more popularity for its online services, since we know that it’s Satya Nadella’s main focus for the company going forward. In that challenge we’ve seen the company do some odd moves in sharing some of its love with iOS and Android, even before bringing the functionality to its own platforms. Bing is one of those services that also seems forgotten lately, and the company has taken some measures.

Microsoft recently launched a deal that would give users a crazy 100GB of OneDrive storage for free, for two years. All you had to do was register yourself for a Bing Rewards account, and that was it. The only problem with the deal is that it initially was only available for US users. If you were left out in the cold with this deal, Microsoft has decided to change the rules of the game and expand the deal across the globe to a certain degree. The reason why there is a limitation is either because there’s some sort of glitch in the service, or the service is only available where Bing allows you to create a Rewards account. To give you an example, I’m currently in Guatemala City and the link didn’t work for me.
Still, hit the source link at the bottom, and if it works for you, make sure you share your country in the comments down bellow.
Source: Microsoft

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