Friday, February 13, 2015

Microsoft may be acquiring firm behind Surface Pro 3’s stylus

There’s a lot to like about the Surface Pro 3, making it little surprise that Microsoft’s been selling a boatload of the tablets. Beyond the full-blown Windows experience that the tablet offers, making it a prime tool for mobile productivity, one of the Pro 3’s real stand-out features is the Surface Pen, a precision pressure-sensitive active stylus tracked by the tablet’s digitizer panel. If you were already a fan of what the Surface Pen delivered, there’s good reason for you to be excited about future Surface tablets, as Microsoft is reported to be in discussions to purchase the firm behind the Pro 3’s stylus.

Though not yet confirmed, Microsoft may be about to snatch-up N-trig, the Israeli company that delivered the tech for the Pro 3’s Surface Pen. If the deal goes through as described, Microsoft would pay about $200 million for N-trig, and then integrate its staff into a new Microsoft Israel development center.
What this means for other companies like Sony and Lenovo that currently use N-trig to fulfill their stylus needs isn’t yet clear, but it’s entirely possible that they may find themselves shopping for new stylus hardware for future products.

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