Thursday, June 18, 2015

Biointerfaces Has Developed a Chip to Mimic Heartbeats Using Gravity

#Biointerfaces #Chip – Biointerfaces Has Developed a Chip to Mimic Heartbeats Using Gravity – Researchers at the University of Michigan managed to mimic a heartbeat outside of the body, mimicking fundamental physical rhythms like the heartbeat.

Developed as a “lab on a chip,” microfluidic devices that can be extremely useful when performing complex laboratory functions in a tiny space.

Being an instant success in heartbeat mimicking, researchers have already started testing cardiovascular drugs and blood thinners, where blood flow and its accurate simulation can help develop new studies and medical solutions.

Apparently, cells will react more natural when subjected to the pulsing rhythms inside a body or when in motion, instead of the static environment of the lab. This way doctors will be able to test and simulate cell motion much more accurately before testing on live subjects.

Just to make an idea on how primitive heartbeat simulations were outside of a body before this new heart-on-a-chip arrived, doctors had to operate a syringe pump operated by a lab technician for a limited amount of time. The new device not only eliminated the human factor in simulating a heartbeat, but can also operate in infinitely longer amounts of time.

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