Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Flexible Wrist Worn Fever Alarm Shows Off Possibilities of Organic Electronics

Fever alarm that can worn on Wrist

Engineers at the University of Tokyo have developed a flexible wearable temperature sensor based on an organic (carbon-based) electronic circuit and organic components. While this seems to be more an exercise in making novel electronics rather than a practical proof-of-concept device, the technology shows that a whole new wave of healthcare applications is ahead for organic electronics.

Organic electronics

The “fever band” is totally autonomous, having flexible solar cells on its exterior to provide power and an organic audio speaker that can warn of rising temperatures.
“Our fever alarm armband demonstrates that it is possible to produce flexible, disposable devices that can greatly enhance the amount of information available to carers in healthcare settings,” said Professor Takao Someya from the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Engineering. “We have demonstrated the technology with a temperature sensor and fever alarm, but the system could also be adapted to provide audible feedback on body temperature, or combined with other sensors to register wetness, pressure or heart rate.”
The researchers are presenting the technology at the  2015 IEEE International Solid State Circuits Conference San Francisco.

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