Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Full Charge in One Minute, New battery for smartphone on the way!

Smart phone battery that charge full in a minute

Somebody tell me they wouldn't love to be able to charge their smartphone battery from 0 to 100 in one minute. That is like an impossible dream right? Well actually, it just might come true sometime next year.

The Nanotechnology- The StoreDot

The nanotechnology department at Tel Aviv University stumbled upon the technology while looking into Alzheimer's disease. Apparently a particular peptide molecule can absorb a charge much faster than regular smartphone batteries. They company developing the battery is called StoreDot, and they also reside in Israel.

The downside is the capacity of StoreDot will be much lower than traditional smartphone batteries, but if you can charge it to 100% within a minute, that might be a decent trade off. On the other hand, the total life of the batteries are likely to also be lower.

An Unusual Charger

The other factor is that that a special charger would be required. Doron Myersdorf of StoreDot said, “The charger itself is not a normal charger. We need to pump 40/50 and up to 80 amps of current into this battery in order to charge in one minute. No normal charger can do that. So we had to develop a very strong charger that is, first of all, cost effective but also small enough to be carried in your pocket.” It also appears that some sort of special software would need to reside on the phone in order to manage the power efficiently.

The good news is that we aren't too far off from seeing this technology in our smartphones. StoreDot is working with 15 different manufacturers to bring their battery to smartphones by the end of next year

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